Ohana Baritone Ukulele White Hard Case WEM-31 Blem Accessory

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This is a well made, sleek looking, case from Ohana with beautiful embroidery and a well-made sturdy and protective design.

This one is a Blem stock because there are a few little divots in the faux leather outside.  I took some close up pictures so you can make sure it does not bother you before purchasing.  If you like to put stickers on your case these are easily covered up!

Free shipping when your order totals over $200, so if this is paired with a Baritone ukulele (which I do sell the Tenor scale Baritones and they fit these cases nicely) it ends up saving you some money!

• Ukulele-shaped Hard-shell Case with Durable Plywood Construction

• Super Durable Exterior Black “Dura-Grip” Material

• Arched Top Design for Extra Instrument Protection

• Exterior Trim All-around Top Cover for Extra Durability

• Chrome-Finished Drawbolt Case Latches

• Plush Interior in Black Color

• Interior Heel Rest with Accessory Storage Compartment

• Fits All Ohana Baritone Models and most other brands (see specs)

• Exterior Overall Length = 33-1/4”

• Exterior Width = 13-1/4” (maximum)

• Exterior Height = 5-1/2” (maximum)

• Interior Overall Length = 31-1/2”

• Interior Body Compartment Length = 17-1/2”

• Interior Body Depth = 4-1/4” (when closed)

• Interior Upper Bout Width = 8-3/4”

• Interior Lower Bout Width = 11”

•Interior Headstock Width = 5-3/8”