Total Since August 28, 2020:  $2063

Jeepers:  A little terrier mix, this dog is the cutest ever!  Probably one of my cutest fosters!  He is being fixed August 10 and then he will be ready for his forever home!  He was found on the side of the road and was considered a bite risk, but once he settled into our home he has been at ease, happy, and adorable!  He is not 100% potty trained, but I am hoping his neuter will help!


Roxanne:  Having been abused, she then was kept all day in a too small crate, so her back leg muscles have degenerated and she is floppy when she walks!  She is so happy despite this and I am hoping with time she can accommodate for her issues!  If you have patience and love for a special needs doggie let me know!