Kamaka Bell Shaped Concert Ohta-San All Solid Cedar Top / Koa HB-2DC Deluxe Ukulele -478

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Kamaka has been making ukuleles in Hawaii for over 100 years!
They are the classic Hawaiian ukulele. Made with the traditional Koa wood, these instruments are the sound of Hawaii. Clear, distinct, punchy, woody, and lightweight, these ukuleles have great projection and sustain. Each cut of koa is its own individual work of art, so I take individual pictures of each instrument so you can pick out the one that speaks to you! This one has the koa back and sides but the cedar top.  The cedar has a little more of a smooth warm attack rather than the classic koa punch.  The bell shape with its larger lower bout really gives this ukulele a lot of robust warmth. Ohta-San models come strung stock Low G.

The Deluxe Kamaka Model Ukuleles are made from the very best grade of Koa available. So each cut is a work of art! They have a beautiful gloss finish that allows the wood to really shine. The classic rope purfling completes the deluxe look. These are high quality ukuleles made by the very best craftsmen at Kamaka! 

All Kamaka Ukuleles come with a Kamaka hard case and Oasis humidifier. I also give each ukulele a thorough inspection, which includes making sure your frets are perfectly level and that the action is adjusted for your needs. I am known for my set-up and I make sure each ukulele is properly setup for easy and buzz-free playability.
From the Kamaka Website: Intermediate size between the standard and tenor. Has a fuller tone, while retaining the ease of the smaller standard. Also known as an Alto.

Concert bell shape Deluxe

Concert bell shape Deluxe

      • Overall length: 24-3/4"
      • Scale length: 15-15/16"
      • Total # frets: 18
      • Frets to the body: 14