Ohana Shakerlele Blem All Solid Spruce w/ Mahogany Percussion Shaker Maraca #2

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**This one has a little scratch on the surface of the back.  It is small, I took a close up picture, but it will save you some money!**

Ohana Shakerlele - S

Spruce with Mahogany Detailing

If you need to shake up your ukulele group, these ukulele shaped shakers are perfect for you! Depending on how you hold them in your hand you can get a lot of different tones and volume out of these unique and well-made shakers! Made from solid woods, they are sure to be a great addition to your ukulele collection to add a little shake shake shake to your ukulele gatherings! It is perfect for ukulele clubs, camping, and even performing! If you are making music, adding some percussive pop is always a lot of fun.