Ohana Tenor Ukulele Hard Case Blem Alligator / Lime Green UCC-27LGN Accessory

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**I bought these blemished cases at a discount to pass on the savings to customers.  They will all have one minor blemish where the base brown color may show in one small spot or it has a little nic on it.  One is missing the Ohana metal piece, so let me know if you want one without the brand.  It just left 2 small holes where it was supposed to be attached.  Each may have small blemishes but are minor, but it will save you some money!**

*Ukulele pictured is for Demonstration Purposes Only - Listing is only for the case*

It seems if you are going to have an Alligator case, it might as well be green! This is the lime green and it is a little discounted because there are just some minor imperfections from being used to carry a uke to a festival. You can see a little sing in the covering.  I took a close up picture.  So here you go! A fun color in a well-made case from Ohana!

• Fits All Ohana Standard Tenor Models and most other standard tenor models (see specs)

• Exterior Overall Length = 29-1/4”

• Exterior Width = 11-1/4” (maximum)

• Exterior Height = 5” (maximum)

• Interior Overall Length = 27-1/2”

• Interior Body Compartment Length = 14”

• Interior Body Depth = 4” (when closed)

• Interior Upper Bout Width = 6-3/4”

• Interior Lower Bout Width = 9-1/2”

• Interior Headstock Width = 4-1/4