(540) 505-5444

I keep odd hours due to being a one-person operation.  I am typically at work between 8am-5pm.  But that can vary.  When I am at work I answer the phone and will gladly answer questions while setting up ukuleles.  But keep in mind, I am absolutely terrible at returning phone calls.  So if you don't get me, go ahead and call me back the next day or at a different time.  Or shoot me an e-mail. 

Keep in mind when you call, I am terrible at cold recommending ukuleles. I am a believer that some things are super subjective and I am not one to tell you what you like.  So, if you can have a few ukuleles in mind to discuss that helps a lot, or I end up sending you away to pick out a few and call me back.  The most frequently asked question is "What is your best ukulele for $___".  The problem is, I have been doing this a long time, therefore I am picky about the ukuleles I offer, therefore I tend to like all the ukuleles in my store.  So the answer is really, "Well, whichever ukulele description sounds like what you are looking for, you should be happy with it!"   

So if you can say, "Hey Mim, I was looking at ukuleles _____ and _____ and _____, and I want ______ and ______ and _____ out of my ukulele."  Then we can narrow things down a whole lot quicker.  I can tell a lot about your preferences really quickly that way and get you headed in the right ukulele direction.

Also, unless there is some unusual circumstance, I prefer to not take orders over the phone.  I lose my shipping discount and have no ability to generate a UPS label.  So don't worry, it does not cost me any extra for you to order through my site now.  It actually saves me money!