Mim's Sideshow


The Pop-up Ukulele Workshop in a Box

Yes, an entire Ukulele Workshop in a Box.  It is completely portable and is a great addition to any event!  From festivals to small local gatherings, in 10 minutes I can teach your attendees to play at least 3 songs on the ukulele!  Using music from Bruno Mars to Bob Marley, all ages from 3 years old to 95 have learned to play music with Mim! No one leaves the Pop-up workshop not knowing how to play ukulele!  And the best part is, it is portable.  So it can move around your event as the need arises (change of weather, stages opening up, different workshop locations).  From Ashley for the Arts Festival, Floyd Fest, Yoga Jam, and breweries, Mim's Pop-up Workshop is ready to teach your event attendees how to make music!

A Vaudeville inspired act, Mim’s Sideshow combines elements of circus, novelty, and forgotten favorites!  Expect the unexpected!  Her show is a high-energy, smile inducing set that takes the audience along on a musical journey that will have them laughing and singing along!  She always brings something new to the stage with a fresh group of songs, jokes, and tricks every season.  The audience helps Mim’s dreams become a reality as they participate as her own personal back up singers.  With her unique take on songs, Mim always leaves the audience with something to talk about the next day!


Emcee/ Compere

Whether it is for an Open Mics or for your main event, Mim is your multi-taking Emcee!  She works hard to make sure your show runs smoothly and on-time!  She is also passionate about Open Mics, encouraging new-comers to take the stage and stretch their stage-legs.  With sequins and unabashed enthusiasm for the ukulele and the people, her energy is infectious!  No matter the size of the stage!

With an in-store inventory of over 800 ukuleles, Mim brings her uke shop to your event!  This is a valuable draw for festivals that do not have a strong anchor music store with a wide selection of ukuleles!  She has a wide variety of both standard and unique ukuleles in every price-point! She has a tendency to "go big or go home" and is able to bring an inventory of 60-80 ukes, depending on your event size and vendor area!


Being an ukulele only set-up artist and technician, Mim offers a set-up service for tips at Ukulele Festivals.  Whether it is a pesky buzz that needs sorted, painful high action that needs to be lowered, or even something simple like a string change or button installation;  Mim brings her expertise to the table, literally, and helps sort out problem ukuleles!  Every ukulele deserves a great setup, and Mim brings her tool box and know-how to almost every ukulele festival she attends!


"My fingers are not strong enough for barre chords."  "My ukulele buzzes, I think I am not pressing hard enough."  Well, it may not be you... it may be your uke.  And it may need a proper set-up. What exactly is a set-up, anyway? Why does my ukulele buzz? How do I fix it? What does my ukulele want from me? 


Mim will be breaking down the mysterious “set-up” everyone talks about! She will lead you in an informative workshop that will cover everything from changing your strings and daily ukulele maintenance to diagnosing ukulele problems and even fixing them yourself!  You are invited to not only come with questions but to ask them as we go along! No question too small, because most-likely, someone else in the class was wondering the same thing.

When you see people on stage do you think, "I could never do that!"  Well, sorry to break this to you, but EVERYONE can!  From finding your unique voice, conquering your fears, stage craft, skipping the school of hard knocks, and taking the stage like a seasoned performer.  Learn the little mistakes performers have made and how to avoid them.    This will be a workshop about finding where you are now, setting goals, finding your musical self, taking the first step and you... yes YOU... will be on your way to taking the stage!


Beginner Workshops: Kids & Adults

With a stash of 25 dedicated workshop ukuleles, Mim can lead both kids and adults to discover that they too can play a stringed instrument!  No experience required!  Workshops are custom tailored to an age-appropriate level.  If your event allows, kids workshops can be led with the object of them creating an impromptu band that can take the stage after their workshop to show off their new-found skills in a fun and inclusive way!