When will my ukulele ship?

I do not operate on a long shipping delay.  Which is why I have an order cap.  I pride myself in getting your ukulele to you quickly.  At busy times it may take be 3 business days, but rarely more than that.  You will not need to play more for expedited service. Any orders on Friday are shipped Monday.  I operate with an weekly order cap.  If I get too busy to ship your ukulele in a timely manner, I disable my checkout until I can catch up.

Things that will delay shipping:  Vacation (will be noted on home page), Ukulele Events (will be noted on home page), Dangerous Weather (rare), Illness (if it keeps me from working, but I am a tough cookie).


How do you ship?


90% of the time I use UPS unless you provide a PO Box or USPS is significantly cheaper.  

Will my ukulele be safe being shipped without a case?

I pack my ukuleles very well.  If on the rare occasion an ukulele is damaged in shipping, I provide a full replacement to you ASAP. You are not liable for any shipping damages.  But if you want a gigbag or case, I suggest your order it with the ukulele because it will save you the extra shipping fees.

How do you do a full set-up and still manage to ship so quickly?

Every ukulele I have on my site is in-stock.  The uke you see, is the uke you get!  I do not advertise any ukuleles I do not have in stock.  That would mean I would have to order your ukulele from the manufacturer before shipping to you. I also will work late, or adjust my time accordingly in order to fulfill my quick shipping promise.  My set-up and quick turn-around are two things that set me apart from other dealers, so I am committed to providing that service to you!  If I am out of town or if I can't get your order out when I expect I will note it on my homepage and contact customers.


Because filling orders is always my priority, I sometimes can get behind on messages and e-mails, but rest assured, as soon as your order is finalized, your ukulele is getting to you quick!