Rural Theatre

I live in Floyd, a small one-stoplight town in rural Appalachian Virginia!  

I have witnessed the local theater programs change the lives of many of the youth of Floyd County!  The theater is where these kids come out of their shell!  They learn empathy, public speaking, and teamwork.  They forge lifelong friendships and become a theater family!  

But, alas, we do not come from a community that it rolling in money, so fundraising happens, but is not as fruitful as it may be in other counties.   And often those funds get allocated to good things, but I would love to have a fund specifically allocated for the theatre department's use! Equipment is old, sound systems are ancient, broken things don't have the funding to be fixed, and set pieces have been painted over and re-used so many times they have "texture".  

With the help of your donations, there will be a dedicated fund to fix broken items, purchase necessary tech, and equip each production with a few things that will take their performance to the next level!  Some of these items will be for the dedicated use of the June Bug Center for Arts and Education (, but most items will also serve the high school theater program as well (which is desperately under-funded)!

A $3 donation does not sound like much, but you would be amazed how it adds up!  I promise I will make sure every dollar goes to good use!  My role as a music retailer also allows me to purchase necessary items at dealer cost!  So every dollar will be used to maximum benefit!  

If you can donate more, feel free to add more than one donation to your cart!  I will never turn down extra money for these kids!  They deserve it!  

Total Earned Since October 2022:  $1211

(Updated December 30,2023)

Items Purchased So Far with Your Donations:

-Dedicated iPad for Theater Productions and tech work, used for both The June Bug Center and High School Theater (most applications for theater are only compatible with Apple products) $300

-New-to-us Powered Mixer to make Sound System Functional for JBC $100

-Replacement box & headsets for high school sound portable mics $235

-Lighting for Un-lit Dark Closets in High School Theater $80

-Storage and Organizational Containers for Sound Booth For JBC $120

-Cinderella Costumes and Props $95

-Christmas Show Supplies $100

Total Spent  $1030


Below:  Me working with the after-school musical theatre program!  There are so many great programs that benefit from your support!


Retired Mim's Ukes Fundraising Campaign