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My family and I are very involved in animal rescue work.  We do what we can when we can.  We have had everywhere from 2 extra dogs to 16 at one point.  We have places more than 200 dogs with forever homes as of today.  I foster mainly dogs, but also cats, horses, donkeys, birds, rabbits, etc. for Hulks Helping Hands Rescue, a 501c non-profit.

It is a small rescue, but mighty!  So they are not able to host a lot of fundraisers and donation drives.  They do amazing work with animals that most other rescues would not take.  High-risk orphan litters, animals with medical needs, discarded animals that everyone else has given up on, and seniors.  

The problem is, high-medical needs = high vet bills. 

Every penny of your donation will go directly to vet bills!  

If you can donate more, feel free to add more than one donation to your cart!