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I will install a strap button on the bottom of your uke and on the underside of the neck facing the floor.  Now, I personally am a weirdo and like my button on the back of the heel (picture not being able to lay the uke perfectly flat, that is where I put the button).  If you want your button on the back of the heel put it in the order notes.  Otherwise I will give you the default "normal" button placement!


IQ:  Should I get a strap button?  

A:  Sure!  If you want one!

Q:  Will it ruin my uke?

A:  No.  

Q:  Will if effect the re-sell value of my uke?

A:  You are already selling your new ukulele in your head?  That is so sad!  It is your ukulele, make it yours!  And honestly, probably not.

Q:  But I read on the internet that having a strap button is a travesty!  I don't want to be judged!

A:  That is often one person's opinion. I say, "Will it help you make music?"  Then ignore the haters while you have an easier time playing your ukulele with a strap.

Please do not feel the need to justify putting a button on your uke.  If you want a button, get a button.  If you want 2 buttons, get 2 buttons!  This is your uke!  You are the music maker!