Ohana Tenor Ukulele ABS Hard Case Checkered Red Molded Plastic UCA-27CR

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*Ukulele picture is for Demonstration Purposes Only - Listing is only for the case*

This is a great molded plastic ABS case from Ohana. These are great for hard shell protection, as well as sealing off the interior to help with the humidity control of your uke. These cases can withstand a lot of abuse, so it is perfect for the ukulele player who wants/needs a lot of protection for their ukulele.  It is also great for people who need to contain humidity in the case because they live in particularly dry climates. This case fits standard tenor Ohana ukuleles and most standard tenor ukuleles regardless of the brand. It also can accommodate extended headstock models, such as the 8 string. If you are unsure about the fit of your ukulele, please see the specs below.  

If you are ordering an ukulele from me, I will ship your ukulele in the case and refund the extra shipping cost. So free shipping when ordered with a Mim's Ukes ukulele. I will refund the shipping fee after checkout or I can send you an offer. 

• Injected Molded ABS Plastic Materials
• Strong and Durable Materials for Long-lasting Protection
• Sturdy Latches & Comfortable Handle
• Aluminum Contour Edges Between Top & Bottom Covers for Added Strength
• Durable Shoulder Strap Included
• Plush Interior Velvet
• Fits all Ohana Standard Tenor Models
• Exterior Overall Length = 29”
• Exterior Width = 11-3/4” (maximum)
• Exterior Height = 5-1/2” (maximum)
• Interior Overall Length = 27-1/4”
• Interior Body Compartment Length = 13-3/4”
• Interior Body Depth = 4” (when closed)
• Interior Upper Bout Width = 7”
• Interior Lower Bout Width = 9-3/4”
• Interior Headstock Width = 4-1/2”