Sopranissimo Hard Case Fits O'nino & O'nina Ukulele Black UCH-17

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*Ukulele for Demonstration Purposes Only - Listing is only for the case*

This is a great basic black soprano hard case from Ohana. It is the cutest fitted little case for the Sopranissimo Ohana ukuleles, better known as the O'nino and the O'nina.  So if you want the cutest little case to go with the cutest little ukuleles, here they are!

• Ukulele-shaped Hard-shell Case with Durable Plywood Construction

• Super Durable Exterior Black “Dura-Grip” Material

• Arched Top Design for Extra Instrument Protection

• Exterior Trim All-around Top Cover for Extra Durability

• Chrome-Finished Drawbolt Case Latches

• Plush Interior in Black Color

• Interior Heel Rest with Accessory Storage Compartment

• Fits Ohana Sopranissimo Models (O’Nino, O’Nina)

• Exterior Overall Length = 19-1/4”

• Exterior Width = 7-1/2 “ (maximum)

• Exterior Height = 3-3/4” (maximum)

• Interior Overall Length = 17”

• Interior Body Compartment Length = 9-3/4”

• Interior Body Depth = 3” (when closed)

• Interior Upper Bout Width = 3-1/2”

• Interior Lower Bout Width = 5-1/2”

• Interior Headstock Width = 3-3/4”