Swap My Strings to Martin Fluorocarbon Strings!

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I will set up your soprano or concert ukulele with Martin M600 strings, or your tenor ukulele with M620 strings.  

I personally love these strings. They are everything the package says they are. They have a nice light easy playing feel. All ukulele strings stretch, but these stretch far less and hold their tune well. And it really brings out a warm and clear tone. I call it "crisp". They have a nice crisp attack, but also a lot of sustain.  If you have arthritis or joint issues the soprano/concert set it light on the touch.  The tenor is similar to Aquila.

I recommend this string to a lot of my customers who have arthritis or hand issues. I am able to set the nut nice and low which allows for minimal finger pressure when fretting the instrument.

This listing is for one set of strings installed on your ukulele. The installation service is just $3 more than the string set, and personally I think it is well worth it because I will set your uke up for the strings that you want!

-Easy Playing Feel
-Excellent Tuning Stability
-Warm & Clear tone

M600 Soprano/Concert Strings

A- 1 .0191 inch 0.49mm
E- 2 .0251 inch 0.64mm
C- 3 .0340 inch 0.86mm
G- 4 .0220 inch 0.56mm

M620 Tenor Strings

A- 1 .0220 inch 0.56mm
E- 2 .0284 inch 0.75mm
C- 3 .0340 inch 0.86mm
G- 4 .0251 inch 0.64mm

DISCLAIMER: I do not like 'talking strings' because strings are SUBJECTIVE! Please do not ask me which strings are best, I will answer, "Whatever strings you think are best." Your personal fingertips, ears, and preferences may be different than mine and that is OK. If you ask the internet for opinions, you will get hundreds. Strings are a cheap and easy thing to try on your ukulele to see if you like the feel and tone. The above information is my observations and opinion. If yours is otherwise after using these strings, please do not subject me to lengthy messages on string observations. I love you guys, I do... but ain't nobody got time for that!