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Worth Brown strings are a favorite among the ukulele community!  Made from a high quality fluorocarbon, they stretch into place easy and hold their tune!  They bring out the warm, rich, smooth ones of your ukulele while still having a nice crisp attack with some great note distinction.  It really bring out the best in most ukuleles!

I stock all the Worth Brown sets so if you have a preference other than the standard BM or BT sets, please just let me know in the order notes and I will install your preference.  But the default will be BM for Sopranos/Concerts and BT for Tenors.

If you want Low G, just click the "Low G is my jam" button and I have all the sets also available in Low G!

Worth Clear sets come in double sets.  This price is for one half of the set installed on the ukulele!  Full sets that include 2 sets of strings cost more!  I do charge a $3 fee for my install, but it is because it is a very time consuming process, but personally I think it is well worth it since I can then set up your ukulele to your string preference!

DISCLAIMER: I do not like 'talking strings' because strings are SUBJECTIVE! Please do not ask me which strings are best, I will answer, "Whatever strings you think are best." Your personal fingertips, ears, and preferences may be different than mine and that is OK. If you ask the internet for opinions, you will get hundreds. Strings are a cheap and easy thing to try on your ukulele to see if you like the feel and tone. The above information is my observations and opinion. If yours is otherwise after using these strings, please do not subject me to lengthy messages. I love you guys, I do... but ain't nobody got time for that!